Creating a custom viewport display mode button

Hi, this is probably one of those real easy things that I’m just not getting… I’ve created a custom display mode which is Shaded with the lines turned off, called it ShadedNoLines. Now I’m trying to have it as a button option on my Popup Menu, but when I enter the command text that I think it should be it does work.

The text I’ve entered in to the command window of the button editor is ! _ShadedNoLinesViewport but it just says Unknown command. I have it in the macro list of the Workspace editor and have tried numerous versions of the command but no luck.

I’ve created buttons before but this one is perplexing me! Any help?


you have to use !_SetDisplayMode Mode=ShadedNoLines

Superb, thanks!
I’d tried !_SetDisplayMopde Mode_ShadedNoLines but that only brought up the option to change the display mode.

Haha, knew it would be something simple!

Thanks :slight_smile: