CreateUVCrv, ApplyCrv support point objects

Hi all - both ApplyCrv and CreateUVCrv now support point objects that are within tolerance of the surface (CreateUVCrv) or the World XY plane (ApplyCrv) as inputs.


Handy to know, Thanks.

If you are tuning the commands, I would request:

  1. The ability to specify a start point and orientation for the output of Create UV Curves. I almost never want the output at 0,0,0, where I usually already have geometry, although at least I know where to find it.

  2. History enabled. Would require the prior request or I would just break history moving the curves. I use Create UV Curves to make planar surfaces for FlowAlongSrf, and any editing of the surface (which is both source for Create UV Curves and target for FlowAlongSrf) currently requires starting the sequence over or living with the mismatch.