CreateFromSweep() fails on OSX but works in Windows

I’ve been working with python and RhinoCommon in Windows up until now, but I figured I’d give the OSX port a shot to see how things worked out. I’m noticing some weird behavior with the sweep2 call between osx and windows. I haven’t changed any of the code between the two tests, so I suspect there may be a bug.

While doing a simple 2 rail sweep with


I’m getting the following results:

If I use the Rhino GUI tools (in OSX) and manually select the same edges that are generated by my python code (i.e., generate the edges, but don’t execute the CreateFromtSweep) and run a Sweep2 from the gui OR if I run the identical code pasted above in Windows, I get this result as desired:

One question. Are all curves in the same direction?
Mine sometimes bugged there. Good thing to check :slight_smile:

Yep, the curves go the same direction. I tried switching the order up and got the same results with the SDK on OSX.