CreateFromCurvePipe: cap style filling at each segment?

I was working on a mesh pipe component in Rhino 6 and came across this. When defining a MeshPipeCapStyle, is seems to be applying it at every segment? (Image below is apply dome style)

import Rhino
import ghpythonlib.components as gc

# Curve division parmeters
t = Rhino.Geometry.Curve.DivideByCount(C, i, True)
# Create intervals
Cdoms = gc.ConsecutiveDomains(t, False)
# End Cap Style
Style = Rhino.Geometry.MeshPipeCapStyle()
E = Style.Dome

#Create MeshPipe...Interior caps?
MeshPipe = Rhino.Geometry.Mesh.CreateFromCurvePipe(C, R, S, A, E, F, Cdoms)

a = MeshPipe

Not quite sure what I’m doing wrong…
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. (7.5 KB)

Rhino Version 6 SR8
(6.8.18219.371, 08/07/2018)

The Cdoms you are defining are optional intervals. So it makes a mesh pipe for every interval along the pipe that you set with your division parameters. Instead set it to null and don’t use the intervals.

So instead do:

MeshPipe = Rhino.Geometry.Mesh.CreateFromCurvePipe(C, R, S, A, E, F, null)

Ah, yes. Thanks! I see that they are optional. I was hoping that the intervals were an opportunity to increase the “division level” along the pipe, (best analogy I can think of is perpendicular frames along a curve).
With intervals, (understanding that this is not currently correct. the outter shape is what I’m going for).

Without intervals, (clean, but not able to add additional “division segments”)

EDIT: aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, this is what I wanted. no intervals…just higher accuracy. Thanks for helping me understand what I was doing, (wrong), with the intervals!)

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