CreateFilletCornersCurve tolerances

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There is a Curve’s method called CreateFilletCornersCurve, that requires 2 tolerance inputs: double tolerance, double angleTolerance. I tried to understand both, so there are two questions:

  1. I can see a difference while I change the tolerance value, but I can’t see it for an angle tolerance - look here at the GH script to try it: (5.9 KB)
    Can you show me the example when it affects the fillet result?
  2. There is a note in the documentation: “When in doubt, use the document’s model space angle tolerance.”. The question is: which one? ModelAngleToleranceRadians or ModelAngleToleranceDegrees?

Hi @w.radaczynski

Radians is the unit of measurement.

  private void RunScript(Curve curve, double radius, ref object fillet)
    if (null != curve && radius > 0.0)
      var tol = RhinoDocument.ModelAbsoluteTolerance;
      var atol = RhinoDocument.ModelAngleToleranceRadians;
      fillet = Curve.CreateFilletCornersCurve(curve, radius, tol, atol);

– Dale

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