CreateBooleanIntersection removes faces

Good evening,

Somehow after MeshBooleanIntersection some faces dissapear.

On the left the object with the intersection meshes in red:

On the right side the result. Hereby a zoomed image:

Anyone has an idea why this could be hapening?

Hi @Jordy,

Is this the MeshBooleanIntersection command?

– Dale

Hi @dale,

Yes it is MeshBooleanIntersection.

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Hello-- Mesh intersecting is being overhauled in V7 - it might be worth trying this in the WIP. It is a known weakness in V6 and earlier but shouold get better in 7. Of course, it also depends on the mesh itself not being too messy. what does Check say about your input meshes?


I fixed the holes by rebuilding the mesh like this link:

I had the same error as this post when checking the log with isValid.