Create Webpage Interactive Visualization Interface for Architecture Project

Halo, is there a good solution about making the webpage interactive visualization for the project ? So any related team member with the link can play with the 3D model and the analysis results. The interface will contain some sliders that can interact with the 3D model and the diagrams.

I’ve made some diagrams in GH based on the analysis results, I also made a Human UI interface. But only the people who has Rhino can use it. It will not be available for the engineers, clients, etc…

My current solution is to use the fonction of Colibri
Despite it’s designed for searching for the good solution in all the derivatives. But at lease I can prepare the related data and send it to the webpage and create a link.

@mingo1214 Do you have some idea ?

According to the advices from a very nice developper, here are two solutions.

  1. ShapeDiver
  2. Semantic from Proving Ground