Create volume from separated mesh faces?

Faces (in fact points but forget that) are moved depending on the offMin/Max values. If these differ and/or are big then the result may look a bit odd/spiky (either because a random value from the range is used OR because the size of the mesh is too small/big for the value that is multiplied by the face normal]). If they are negative/positive and depending on the orientation of the mesh face normal you’ll get a result inwards/outwards.

Of course I could add any imaginable additional modification PRIOR the new mesh creation.

In general: think a tri mesh face and the center. From each vertex and using the center you move the 3 vertices inwards [Point3d newVertex = (new Line(center,oldVertex)).PointAt(move);]… then you add the normal * some value [newVertex += normal*offsetValue;]. Then you combine the 3 new vertices with all the rest and you get the new mesh

Scaling the mesh BEFORE all that is no-no (why to do it?).

Maybe a 3 option offset would be more clear: (1) do nothing (2) lock on offMin (3) use a random value within the offMin/Max range.

Ok, I don’t clearly understand what you want. And I think I’m not the only one.
This is what @qythium meant. Working with the verticies. The moving part is still yours. Just moving the Points and not the faces.

Mesh (24.9 KB)

Thanks! This was it!

I replicated the concept @qythium suggested, but I was using unweld vertices!

Also like @PeterFotiadis suggested, it made no sense to scale before doing the move operations.

Thanks everyone! Glad this was achievable with native components by changing the logic of it.

Well … if you can do this

with components I would be glad to know how (in particular: making the “radial” bridging faces around a given vertex).

Get the trad update that invites (for visual purposes) the “scaled” faces to the party (as an option) using a Mesh Face indexing in the second dimension. (148.4 KB)