Create volume files for editing from imported file


I have one problem, when I import some Files for example one of these furniture rolls (

In this case I downloaded the SketchUp file and imported it.
But now it is not possible that I can edit the imported model as a model that I have created directly in Rhino.
For example, I want to split the imported role so that the outer edge can be assigned a different material than the middle part of the roll.
If it were a volume body created in Rhino, I could use the command “cut with wire” to divide the role with the circle.

However, since it is an imported model, I can not edit it. Is there a way to make imported models of Rhino self-assemble, so that these are then a volume body?

You have imported a mesh and you will have to use mesh-related commands to edit this. Rhino is not necessarily the best tool around to edit meshes and there is no automatic way to convert a mesh into a good NURBS object. In this case, it looks like a simple revolve, though, and you can rather easily make a new Rhino object that is based on this mesh.

That concept doesn’t make much sense in Rhino.

I think he means a “solid”.

I think the ‘proper’ term is ‘closed polysurface’. Rhino doesn’t have solids. Just sayin’…