Create Tree - Elefront Component Alternative

I was wondering if anyone here knows of a good alternative to Elefront’s Create Tree component.

Currently this component is not supported by ShapeDiver and it’s quite critical to my workflow to separate a list of items by a numbered list. I’ve tried replicating the function using native components but its incredibly difficult for it to behave in the same way the original component does.

I’ve attached screenshots of the behavior I’m looking for.

I’ve tried creating a cluster like this :

The strength of Create Tree is that it will create the right path number. With this method it will separate the list of objects into the different groups, but not with the right paths. Replace path at the end works but it is dependent on the tree structure being always the same. If there is only one group category, it breaks.

I know it’s a complicated question but I hope to hear any ideas!

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It seems I’ve reached a solution but ShapeDiver does not support TreeSloth. It is necessary that my output has organised outputs as such:

My outputs are sorted into different elements that have fixed numbers for example 0 = cylinder, 1 = cube, 2 = sphere, etc.

We are evaluating if TreeSloth can be supported on ShapeDiver. I will get back to you about this topic.

There is probably a way to do what you need with only native components but it might require someone more experimented than me with tree management…