Create torus crash

Sub object vertices of torus and crash. Hope it helps by telling.----Mark.
That is a group of verts 5/17/16 build

Hi Mark - so far that is OK here - there should be only one vertex, I think and moving it moves the whole torus - is that what you did, drag or Gumball the vertex, or did it crash just selecting? A blow by blow would be useful, if it is repeatable…

Hi Pascal, yes just made a mesh torus , turned on vertices and used sub- object select to grab a group of those verts and that was it, done program needed to close.—Mark

Ah. MeshTorus - thanks, I’ll test - does it seem to be specifically related to a mesh torus and not other meshes?


I haven’t gotten any further in how other mesh commands are.

Does it with ellipsoid as well , with ssme sequence as torus

Just loaded 5/19/16’ build and what I was explaining is not an issue now, so all good.

OK - thanks, I was not getting any crashing here…


@markintheozarks are you running ann NVidia GeForce video card? We were having troubles with some of those for a couple weeks.

Yes Brian,Nvidia card is being used. —Mark