Create test points for DF simulation for numerous surfaces

Hello everyone,
I am in need for help.

I want to estimate daylight factor on specific task area/areas (areas that are lit by daylight only, without considering those that are not exposed to daylight) that are generated with relation to windows geometrical properties (this approach is used in EN15193-1 Annex F - evaluation of daylight availability for artificial lighting energy demand, and I am validating it with honeybee). I created a definition that generates the surface/surfaces according to the number of windows and their geometries, but I have hard time figuring out what can be an issue in generating test points.

I assume that the problem is overlapping of surfaces, but when I create a solid union, component “generate test points” generates points considers only the first surface in the whole set of my surfaces.
What could be an issue?

I will attach my GH definition here, and I will appreciate if anyone of you can help me figuring out this.

_daylit task areas (643.0 KB)

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