Create terrain from a mesh

Even if land design support terrain creation it’s not as advanced as other civil packages. Most of all it doesn’t support breaklines. In an urban design I have a detailed mesh from a civil package which has small details such as representation of curbs and gutters. This is not possible with the tools you already provide for terrain creation.
The question is can landesign recognize a custom mesh as terrain which after import would be able to modify or at least project plants on this?

You can do that by using the _laTagObjectAsTerrain command: by selecting the imported terrain and clicking on the “Tag as terrain” option in the Edit Panel context menu:


Once tagged as terrain, it will be taken into account when projecting plants (and other objects) to terrains, as well as in Lands walk mode.

If you want to modify it using the Lands terrain tools, then instead of tagging the imported terrain you need to create a Lands Terrain object from the vertices of the imported terrain. Here is a “tips/tricks” that explains the process:

Thank you very much.
It would be great if in the feature add more options in terrain creation. Especially breaklines support.