Create surfaces or solid


I would create two surfaces ( interior and exterior) with this contour
but after have try many tools of Surface, I haven’t a good result


thank you by advance for any help :wink:


Surface dor solid.3dm (74.7 KB)

Hi ws - how did you arrive at the trimmed shapes? If this was trimmed by surfaces, use these to trim a piece of that surface out.
I made a quick new surface here but if there is an original it may be cleaner.

Surface dor solid_PG.3dm (178.0 KB)


Hi Pascal
I got this contour after a Boolean subtraction or difference
thank you that’s exactly what I need but I have to admit I did not understand how you got to do it
can you give me the list of commands
thanks in advance

Ideally the inputs to the Boolean will contain the surface you need. I made my surface by duplicating edges, (DupEdge) and then splitting and flattening and extending the resulting curves to get the 2d curve you see in the file - this was then extruded. But this is not a good way to get this surface- you should go back to the original if at all possible.


thank you very much


and I know it’s not a perfect method but for this time ……


Here is your solution. I call it the “Intersection Technique.” The basis of good modelling is utilizing your curves.

video = Dave’s golden construction strategies: How to analyze and model like a pro This video is free, but if you want to watch the whole course, here’s a link for 10-days free.

Hi Dave !

Thank you so much, it’s THE solution !!

but I just saw your message and 10 days are exceeded …
can give you a new link?

it would be so good
thanks in advance

It starts anytime, not the day I posted it.