Create surface by loft of curves having problems with wild curves in some parts

I am having problems lofting curves to produce surface. most curves look good
however in some parts of geometry the curves become wild rubberbands.

does anyone have fix solution for my problem.


Upload a file with your curves ihr Nobody is able to help you.

To do it in one script, create a list with different branches.

You could Divide only one of the curves and use Curve CP to find the closest points on the other curves, though you may find anomalies with that approach too.

What about just lofting the three lines you are dividing? (5.7 KB)


i find your c three curves have one unclosed curve,you should close it .

Sounds like time to upgrade? :wink:


bustofjesusrhino5.3dm (523.3 KB)

There are flaws in tight “corners” using Curve CP: (33.0 KB) (35.9 KB)


Thank You for he help