Create Surface Between Two Non-Planar Closed Curves

I projected two sets of non-planar “closed” curves, but I couldn’t figure out how to create a surface between them. I am able to easily accomplish this if the curves were planar. Originally I wanted to project the planar version on a warped surface, but it takes forever to process. I attached an image of what I’m looking to do and the script with the internalized data. (107.5 KB)

Hi @Erick1830_Romero
I’d start by doing some clean-up plus separating what’s closed from what isn’t.
Quick example here: (125.6 KB)


alternatively, make all your projections, form your surfaces, and trim stuff at the end

*Edit: Since I’m not sure what kind of ‘aspect’ (smooth surface vs not smooth) you’re looking for with the projected surfaces, I thought of a shorter route to make sure the surfaces flow on the surface smoothly - once that’s working cleanly you should (1) join them all then (2) do the trimming using the SolidTrim component, then thicken/extrude it as a last step. (153.6 KB)

I left a second method that’s faster than what I shared earlier but gives you lofted surfaces with straight sections.