Create surface between more than two curves

Hi, I’m trying to create some glasses and to create a surface between three curves. Using sweep 2 I can only select two rail curves.

What’s the best approach to leave a hole for the lenses (=third rail curve). You can see the surface I want to create, it’s colored in Red:


You need to approach this a little differently from just “here’s the wireframe, how to I fill this in?” You’re not going to get very clean or efficient NURBS that way. Look at the Level 1 and 2 training that comes with Rhino. Just for an example, to get a better start on this, you need to imagine what it looks like WITHOUT the lenses cut out, and/or how an individual lens looks with the…do they call it the bridge?..a separate piece that’s added after.

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Hi Jeroenvancraen12, There are some youtube videos on sun glass making out there. You can to it in a subd form.
If you are just wanting to get something that is simple , try extruding a curve . then make your cutting curves. Cut the extrusion and then thicken it. Would you want a pair of glasses like this ? Probably not ,but it gets you the hole you wanted. good luck — Mark save to forum.3dm (317.8 KB)

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Thanks Mark, extruding the curve worked. It changed the design a little but it’s just a prototype after all. Thanks for your reply.

I’m first going to check into the youtube video’s of Mark, then I’ll have a look at those