Create such a this pattern in grasshopper

Thank you Riccardo. The layout has been fixed and It works on my R5.

Hi Riccardo, I have been researching how to apply this pattern on different surface with using your GH script, but currently I have experienced the problem you might have been solved in your situation, which the curves are crossing over after generated by kangaroo.If there is any way to fill the polar of the sphere (31.1 KB)

Hello Riccardo, is it possible for you to upload again the file please? It seems to be broken. Thanks!


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Hi Alex.
I no longer have that file… anyway there is the complete layout of that definition in my previous post… it shouldn’t be too hard to rebuild it.

I tried it, but no wonder what’s inside those “cluster” and “asd” packages.

Thank you for your time!


… damn me!
I’ll look at this later.

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Hi Alex, try (55.4 KB)


Thanks a lot friend!! It works :slight_smile:



Just wanted to chime in and say this is an awesome script. I came looking for these tools after watching the Zaha video above, it’s an awesome example of Kangaroo and a humbling amount of shared knowledge and work. Great job guys!