Create staggered circles

I am trying to create a panel with perforation on it. I got the circles on the panel but how do I make them stagger between rows?

There are a few approaches that you could take. One direct approach, might be to map a hexagonal grid to the surface, then create your circles in the hex grid cells. There are plug-ins that make do this as well, but here is a simple example with native components.

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could you please upload the file?

I tried to re-produce the definition in the picture but I’m missing something :thinking:

Bounding Box --> Union Box

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Here is the file. As I mentioned, there are probably many ways to do this, this is just a simple example. (12.8 KB)

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Thanks @HS_Kim, :slight_smile:

Where can I plug that map in on this map? I can control the distance between the circles with this one, so I just don’t know where to put the hex grid or what to do


Could you add a sketch of what the desired result should be?
You can also upload the .gh file here so that whoever wants to help you don’t have to recreate your definition.


I would like to create a surface with this pattern in it. I have it done a pattern in the .gh file below without the circles being staggered, just don’t know what to change in order to create the staggered circles. I need the circles to be .188" apart and .094 circle diameter…

CPP1 (24.6 KB)

Duplicate thread alert: :frowning:

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Hi there, were you ever able to figure this one out?