Create soft surface over topo

hi guys , i have the topo of site but i want to create a soft surface over the stepped contours.
is there a way to project the soft surface over that stepped topography. attached is the rhino file. topocotour.rar (7.9 MB)

Hi Fatemeh - starting with what you have, Drape from Top with spacing set to maybe 50 might get you something usable - maybe better if you extract all the top faces of the steps and just drape those, but I think probably for something this complex more than one surface may be needed - I guess it depends on just how clean and accurate you need things.
If you have the original points or polylines one or more Patch surfaces might do it.

If a mesh is ok, then MeshPatch may be of use, especially with some or all of the original points or polylines.

That is a MeshPatch from some the edges of your solids.


thank you Pascal, i did extraction of thtopocotour.rar (16.2 MB)
e surfaces but dont know how the drape works for that, attached is the file