Create Skylight,Roofilights orientation problem


I am trying to add Rooflight, using the plane as Location then I try to rotate. I am placing family and then set two-parameters width and height. So here my steps:

  1. when I have 0deg all seems to be correct

just I can see two items here and some warning on host node:
1. This object was expired because it contained obsolete Revit elements.
is this correct? or I should flatten list to have one element…not sure how to do it…

  1. When I try to rotate pane by 15deg it shows me rotated correct on preview but insert same as 0deg

  1. when I make 90deg, seems correct just same warning on host

  2. when I make 225 deg it make 90deg but in preview shows correct value

any advice on how to eliminate warning on the host and why I can not make rotation like 15, 45, 225 etc.,.?

The warning is Ok. It is is telling you that the Revit element has been modified later in the Grasshopper definition. In this case, the Host element has accepted a new insert.

As far as the placement goes, would you be able to share Revit and GH files so I can test and find the bug if there is any?