Create Skewed Panel Pattern without Plug In

I am trying to create a skewed panel pattern without using Lunchbox since I need complete dimensional control of the panels. I find this isn’t possible with Lunchbox.

In my script, however, the pattern begins to break at the edges and doesn’t repeat. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Diagonal CW (17.9 KB)

Most of your code appears to work, despite these distracting messages:


P.S. This direction might help? (Extend Crv, white group)

Diagonal CW (26.1 KB)

Hi, Thanks for the reply Joseph. However, extending the curve wouldn’t cause the pattern to repeat.

There is an example in the primer which is a realy good approach for what you try to achive:

anyways i slimmed it up to fit it to your intentions - hope this helps

Diagonal CW (24.7 KB)


Hi Pejo,

Thank you for your reply. This solution is very clean. However, I need absolute control of the panel size, which is something I can’t control with this method. That’s why I was using divide curve by distance. The panels have to be 1500 wide and 1485 tall.

Do you know how I would add dimensional control?

this migth not be the cleanest solution but will hopefuly does it job. i am remodeling you surface based the panel values to make sure the subdivision ist rigthly sized.
i tried to isotrim with domains based on your values but coulnt come to an result maybe because they are not fitting the surface perfectly. alternativly you could also draw the grid 2d and map on your surface just to give another approach

Diagonal CW (28.4 KB)

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That worked beautifully! I took you script and trimmed it against the original outline of the CW and got the result I needed. thank you!

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