Create shape

Parametric Shape. The structure is 8000mm high over exhibition- cafe- shop, 6000mm over library-workshop area, 4500mm over reception. The structure smoothly kinks out by 2000mm till 4000mm above ground level and later transits inwards by 2000mm.

I tried contouring in series and later lofting it couldnt understand how to be done. I also tried forming many ellipse allong the boundry but is a long hectic process. Need help. Rough Model pics and Rhino Plan in G Drive link. help needed. Concrete shell structure, 400mm thick wall.

Plan A (20 seconds):

Use TSplines (dead but alive) and do it the good old way: manual that is.

Plan B, C, D … (200000 seconds):

Use patch on distorted (in Z - via some controlled way) points OR use Kangaroo 2 and inflate a flat mesh made via MeshMachine on your boundary OR inflate interactively the mesh on a per vertex basis (requires code) OR …