Create series where each consecutive element has a different step

I want to create a series (of objects) where each of the consecutive distances between elements is different (and controlled by a function).

Exercise 2 - series component with consecutive (8.2 KB)

For example: first step is 1, second 2, third 4, fourth 8 (function b=2*a). So I guess I just need to know how to create that list of numbers.

I tried therefore to create the series of a series. In this series each step n should be n+1 bigger than the previous one, but I only seem to get the same result (same step). Help a newbee trying to understand grasshopper!

Use the second output of Mass Addition with your steps as input.

works like magic!! Thank you @Dani_Abalde. Will have a look into that component!

Since you have a specific function in mind, there’s also always the “expression” component:


Great tip! Thank you!