Create polyline from curve with same chord height

Hi all
How to create polyline from given curve with same chord height. For example, if I want 5mm for chord height I want segmentation of the polyline in that manner, NOT maximum 5mm but exact 5mm if it posible, if not then lower value will be acceptable.

If we see the picture, the yellow lines I want to be always exact distance (5 mm for example).
How to achieve this with RhinoConvertCurveToPolyline function and what parameters can I use, or maybe have to use another function?
Regards Filip

Hi Filip,

For converting NURBS curves to their polyline equivalent, RhinoConvertCurveToPolyline() is the we have to offer. If this function does not meet your requirements, then you might have to code up something on your own.

Just curious, why do you need such a conversion?

Hi Dale
Thank you for replaying, actually the points are that I need it for testing curve on convex/concave surface. But for the purpose of the test I need constraining constant chord height. I have tolerance parameter (something like step - chord height) and for every step I want to check did the line between two points is above or beneath surface.