Create parallel view from Plane / Make2d

Hi everyone! Does anyone know if it’s possible to create and saved a view from a plane inside grasshopper? Also I am trying to use the make2d component but it seems not working. What I did is creating a plane , form which I generate the parallel view but when it comes to generate the 2d geometry seems not working. I attached my definition and I hope that someone could help me out! (83.4 KB)

I think Make2D is working but plane position matters, if it doesn’t a vector will be enough as input. So here I move the plane on its Z axis

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Thanks for the help! and do you know if there is a wa to create a parallel view that is aligned to the plane?

There are camera in Heteroptera plugin and surely others. Search with these keywords.

Thanks again, I have checked the plugin but as the Human one it doesn’t give the chance to create a new one. It works on views already in the document.

Not on my pc but there must be some option using a script …

Yes! I have same feelings, I keep looking around. Thanks again!

If I understand well you want to pilot the camera of perpective view inside Grasshopper, so yes it is possible use Heteropera plugin. I didn’t make lot of tweaking for the zoom factor … I think the plugin can do whatever you want. (92.8 KB)

yes that’s correct. With a python definition a was able also to saved the current view with a new name. What I am after is to be able to assign a specific cplane to the view. I might create a new topic about it.