Create Overcast Sky for Ambient Occlusion Affect

I want to create an overcast sky for an ambient occlusion affect like I could set up in nXt but I can’t find a sky cloudiness setting anywhere in Brazil. Any suggestions?


I may be misunderstanding the look you’re after but the Skylight color in the Brazil Luma Server or the color of a Basic Environment will produce AO shadows on the model. The appearance of clouds in an environment texture won’t effect the shadows too much in my opinion. There is a Brazil Physical Sky environment but it does not have a cloudiness setting. You could use an HDR in a Brazil GI environment though and then the skylight will use that for the light intensity, direction and color. Here’s one I shot that’s pretty cloudy… I was hoping for sun the whole time I was there though :slight_smile:

Thanks Brian, the GI environment is a nice starter point.