Create objects and save them as tools?

Is it possible to make something simple, like an “X” or exploded text words and then save them as tools to reuse?

I’d like to make some annotations to use in all my projects. These annotations would be used for my CNC table markings

1" exploded “X” to mark points
Exploded text “OUT”, “IN”, “TOP”,“LEFT”,“RIGHT”, etc

I usually exploded these, then trim out lines for simple lines that would be drawn out on my CNC. Would save same time having these easily accessible.


You can do this using a macro like this:
_-Text "X" _Pause _SelLast _Explode _SimplifyCrv
You can easily define an Alias or Keyboard shortcut for this macro.

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Hi Eric - if you save these individual objects out as Rhino files, you can make macros that insert them into the current file.

! _-Insert File Browse Objects Enter Pause 1 0 Enter

Or instead of browse you can put in a specific path the the thing you want.


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Instead of inserting simple text and then exploding it, you can use _TextObject command, this command automatically insert exploded text.

Instead of trimming, you can simply use single stroke fonts. like this one:

If you want to make this process faster you can still use macros.
_-TextObject _Font "MecSoft_Font-1" "Top"

P.S. You can simply export these macros and add them to Rhino on other machines.
EricAliases.txt (309 Bytes)

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Fantastic ideas…all of them. Thank you!

I’ve played with some single line fonts I found in other posts but they were a bit odd sometimes. Like the name of the font wouldn’t display in the text dialog right or other weirdness (its been a year since I tried it)

Alias may work if the font stuff isn’t funky if not I can try a combo of importing. I’ll have to experiment tonight for sure.

This is the “funky” wierdness I get using single stroke fonts. Windows 10.


I’m afraid that is “normal” behavior when previewing single stroke fonts in the dialog box.
Rhino is merely using built-in Windows stuff here.
When I use a single stroke font in MS Word, for instance, I get the same funkiness:

If you use the aliases that @Mahdiyar showed, you will by-pass this preview window and shouldn’t encounter other weirdness.

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Thank you! I’ve already been setting up some alias and agreed… no issues when shown on the cplane

Beware though.

You might want to try the RhSS font then.
(It will also create curves for æ ø å - not Single Stroke, though, but the MecSoft font doesn’t make anything at all for those letters)

This font does not create bad objects with “8’s”… But it also has only ASCII basic characters. (10.3 KB)

I’m using the RhSS font pack & _TextObject. The MecSoft_Font-1 seems a bit more complicated making letters.