Create new CRhinoPageView and show it

i’m using the method doc->CreateRhinoPageView(); to create a new page view. It does generate a new page view, but it is not visible. I have to switch to model and back to page view to get it visible and clickable.

Do you have an example for howto use CreateRhinoPageView() correctly?

Hi @dsw,

Does this SDK sample help in any way?

– Dale

Thank you @dale for the sample.
I made it almost like this sample but my problem was not solved. So i realized it was not a problem of the page view creation.
My problem was, the viewport was not maximized and every time i moved the mouse over another view, the page view disappeared.
Now i found the snippet
I added the code to maximize the view and that solved my problem. The solution was so easy i did not see it. :grin:

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