Create new category "License" for license problems

Does discourse allow muting topics based on keywords in the title or in a post? Probably not.

Hence we need a new category “License” for all questions or problems with licenses and installations


As in “don’t show me any more messages with Invalid License Key in the title”?




Unfortunately not every user* adds a license tag to their topic.

Yeah, what’s with all the UserXXX posts? Is it a specific school/course where some license loophole has been closed or…? They are getting on my nerves too - they are almost up there with that dude spamming the gallery with weird screen dumps of every single 3D model he makes * rant over *
Ah… catharsis :no_mouth:


For the practical use of this forum it would make sense to create a category called “License”

Then move all topics on license issues into this category.


I changed the topic title since my initial idea of muting based on keywords is probably hopeless.

@wim or anyone else at McNeel … could you create a License category and move every topic with the word “license” in the title into that category?

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All topics with the title containing any of the following words would go in the license category:

expired …

No one’s actually going to categorize their own posts as ‘license,’ these are people lacking the sense to not play dumb and contact official support to ask why they can’t keep cheating the system, they’re not going to help us not see their posts.

This is going to die down, and indeed it’s not like there are multiple a day anymore. It’s not that big a deal. What they should do is my idea, use Cameo to have some celebrity(or “celebrity”) make a meme-worthy video explaining to people that they need to pay up.

Of course no one would categorize their posts that way but every once in a while posts could be categorized by a moderator.

In addition it would be nice if the topics of ignored users owuld not show up in the feed.