Create multiple circles using the 3 point method

Hello dear Grasshopper community,

is it possible to create multiply circles (aprox. >1000) with 3 point method in Grasshopper. I will have a list with coordinates (X, Y, Z).I am thankful for any help!!



Hello - if you have a text file, I think you can just feed the points directly from a file component to a Circle component:


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Hi Pascal,

Isn’t that just going to give you circles with the same radius, centred on each point? As opposed to circles through three points?

Something more like this maybe:

Assuming the input file can present triplets of points and not just a continuous stream (the latter being more error prone).


3ptCircles from (23.0 KB)

Set the File component to the following file (or another file that is delimited like this one):
Co-ords.csv (54 Bytes)


White group, adapted from a recent post, this uses random points in 3D. (18.5 KB)

1000 circles gets rather intense!

P.S. I don’t remember why that yellow group looks more complicated than necessary? (16.4 KB)

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Hi Joseph,

I knew there had to be a better way than three clumsy culls - your item component with three outputs is so much more elegant. Thanks!


Just 2 small additions to Joseph’s file (16.0 KB)

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Hello dear Guys,

I am very appreciate for your help. Thank you very much!!