Create Multi-segmented Grid in Revit from multi-segmented curve

Trying to use the “Add grid” component, and it’s asking for a “type” input. I cannot find “multi-segmented grid” as a type under Grids even though I have several multi-segmented grids drawn in my current revit file. And when I tried to get the type from picking the existing multi-segmented grid, it only lets me pick one segment and not the whole thing. I’m at a loss here… something obvious that I’m missing?

Update, I input just a random grid type and it did make a grid for me, after I closed out of the following error message. However, the association between GH and Revit is instantly broken. When I update the curve, it makes a new grid rather than updating the existing grid.

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Yup this seems to be a bug. When you supply a multi-segmented curve into this component, the Revit API creates a MultiSegmentedGrid and the component fails sending this to the output. We’ll get it fixed. The grid types between the two are however the same

Has this been fixed? I stil can’t create a multi segmented grid. The input requires a line only.

Hi Attheeast18,

That hasn’t been put into native components. I’ve added a feature request.

Here is a rough scripted version to get you going. (15.7 KB)

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Thanks, Japhy. Will give it a try :slight_smile:

‘Add Multi-Grid’ component is now available on v1.22 and will be also on v1.21.