Create minimum arcs

Dear my friends
02.Arc (13.9 KB)

I want to connect arcs together with Min shape.

but I see some of the themes will connect with Max shape.

I want to extract red lines as you see below

I want to extract green foursquare

please help me

Maybe i couldn’t say my goal correctly!
Do you need more information?

I couldnt produce your goals 2 and 3 with arcs, so converted them to polylines and manipulated a bit until they intersected.

02.Arc (21.9 KB)

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Thank you so much
For step 2 and 3 I am so confused because the length if algorithm is too long and sometimes i can not find why are you using these commands.
Maybe I am an amateur.
Now I want to extract all foursquare as you see below independently (Blue and orange ) and apply area command to them ( purple point )
02.Arc Curves (13.9 KB)

It is not quite clear to me, what is your final goal, but if this is what you want then you didnt need to construct arcs at all…

Note: GeoRegion by Heteroptera used.

02.Arc Curves (26.3 KB)