Create mesh & kangaroo

Hello good time
Can this models be produced with a kangaroo? (14.0 KB)

Hi @eghbalpourf

This looks like cyclide patch fitting with refinement around irregular vertices - is it from a paper?
A bit more context about what you’re trying to do would be helpful.

Hello @DanielPiker
Yes it is from an article. I wanted to use this form to practice a lattice structure.
I used the nurbs modeling method but I did not succeed.

Can you give a bit more context about your aim here when you say ‘practice a lattice structure’?
If you’re not specifically aiming for cyclide patches then this refinement pattern might not be relevant.

By changing the curvature of the form, I wanted to separate the parts that have almost the same curvature. Assign triangular meshes and quad meshes to them.

The approach Romain describes in his thesis is a way of designing with large cyclide patches and subdividing them into panels.
I do actually have a cyclide bezier patch and quad mesh implementation which I’ll add as a component at some point, but for torsion free meshes I’ve usually preferred to approach it the other way round - optimizing the mesh for conicality/circularity directly at the panel level.
This avoids the G2 discontinuities between patches you get when joining cyclides, and doesn’t require this special treatment for refining around irregular vertices.

Is it possible to give an example for your own method?

I tried to get the form in this file, but there is a problem in the middle of the form. (15.6 KB)

Here’s how I’d approach this: (23.4 KB)
After running the optimisation, the panels and beams are all planar, with clean node intersection lines.


I wanted your opinion about this form
model3.3dm (186.7 KB)

It all depends on what you want to do with it.