Create Magnified Bonestructure | Education tool for Blind people

Hi Folks,

I’m an integration helper and help get blind people through college.

The people I take care of often have huge problems visualizing and understanding biological structures, for example how bones, foams, bacteria etc. are constructed as they can’t look at pictures and diagrams. I now got a 3D printer and would like to print some models for them to touch and feel and grasshopper seems to be a good way to go about it.

I’ve tried creating this bone structure with grasshopper:

…and failed miserably.

Could someone maybe create a 10x10x5cm structure like this and send me a screenshot of how you set up grasshopper? I think vonoroi is the way to go, but would love to see how to create it.

Will naturally also post a picture of the printed structure👍🏻

Would be very grateful if somebody could help me out on this!
English is not my first language, so pls excuse my mistakes.

All the best and have a great weekend,

Would using some actual scans of real bone be an option?

I also know some biologists specialising in bone structures and if you need different scans I could ask if they can help.

Certainly it is also possible to create similar structures with Grasshopper though.

maybe that could be an application for mulitpipe. if one creates the cells as curves, in that case voronoi might be really a good starting point, but the randomely interwoven segments may be tricky/interesting to solve.