Create list of curves on a layer

I almost have the problem solved. This function will return a list of name/location pairs in semicolon delimited fashion of all curves on a specific layer. All curves are planar in the Y/Z plane, so just having the starting point will give me the curve’s location

The only element i’m missing is how to use obj to get the station curve.

    public string StationLocationList()
        Rhino.RhinoDoc doc = RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc;
        RhinoObject[] obj_refs = doc.Objects.FindByLayer("RO6_StationPoints");
        string res = "";
        foreach (var obj in obj_refs) 
            if (obj.ObjectType == ObjectType.Curve)
                string strCrvName = obj.Attributes.Name;
                Point pt = null; 

                //need the starting point on this curve
                string strPtLoc = pt.Location.X.ToString();
                res = res + "; " + strCrvName + ", " + strPtLoc;
        return res;

Use RhinoObject.Geometry Property .