Create list for user to choose from

I’d like to make a list of choices, say between 10 cars, and present that to the user in the rhino command area to choose from so that my python script can then use that user choice in a definition. Id also like to remove that choice from the list so that the user can not choose the same item twice when I ask them again to choose from the list in my next loop.
I know how to make a list and append it with the new cars… and from there I’m not sure where to go? any help is appreciated -Ethan

I would use rs.ListBox() with your list to allow your user to choose. Once having chosen, you can use list.remove(value) to remove the item from the list by its value (which will have been returned by rs.ListBox).

Note rs.ListBox will not work on Mac…


THANKS!!! very helpful!