Create lines from points in a single direction

I’m trying to create a structure in a linear direction for a tensile structure I’ve made using Kangaroo. I believe I am overcomplicating this process since it was quite easy to create it in the xy direction using the Weavebeard Mesh Frame (as shown below). I’ve tried several different ways and I still can not make it using only one direction. Does anyone has any idea?

Ps- for some reason when I ask to list item from the output in Kangaroo Bouncy Solver It only gives me part of the mesh and I can’t work from there

Thanks for reading this far! (67.8 KB)

Not really sure what lines you want to create? Can you illustrate what the goal is?

Of course! I was trying to create a structure like this! Following the blue lines

Something like this? (65.0 KB)

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