Create layout border


Rhino v6 latest update…

Level 1 Training Manual
Chapt 14 Printing & Layouts
Next to last Item, Add a Border

Instruction is to use rectangle cmd corner to corner, snap to lower left layout corner and drag to upper right layout corner to create border.

My cursor only snaps to CPlane in Front View not to layout border.

What am I missing, please

Hi -

I’m not sure what you mean by snapping to the CPlane. Also, the instruction is to snap to the corner of the detail, not the layout (not that that makes much difference - both should work).
Can you select the details on the layout? Do you have your End snap activated?


Thanks for responding.

I select the rectangle, corner to corner cmd, try to select a corner outside the layout detail as well as on the corner of a detail, to begin the border rectangle.

The corner point selects in the closest layout detail and the rectangle is then drawn in the layout details.

End and near osnaps are activated.

Yes, I can select objects in the layout and draw objects as well.

See the orange arrows in the attached that point out results of corner to corner rectangle.


Tom M.

LAYOUT CH 14.2 PDF II.pdf (81.6 KB)

Hi Tom - make sure there is no active detail when you do this - the layout page should be the active space, it looks like the perspective detail is activated in your image.



My issue is corrected.

Thanks to you both for responding.

Tom M.