Create JSON in more simple way


I try to create JSON file for animation, but I get some error (although the script works - thanks for your great work, this makes things much easier as I don’t know much about Python json library and dicts).

Also, is there a way how to make things easier? Possibly in one step instead of three?
I need to compile JSON file containing “frames” of animation, each frame containing 91 addresses, up-down and left-right positions for servos.

Any help would be great!

File: (22.3 KB)

Really no need to create two threads on the same subject six hours apart, even if you can’t code in Python yourself.

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Sorry, I though this goes only to specific group, not the whole thread.

Since I don’t really know what the result of the JSON Construct should look like, I can’t be of much help. Maybe you could try to produce a minimal file with fewer branches as inputs and attach a text panel with the expected result of the construct component.
In the meanwhile, make sure to have a look at this documentation article if you didn’t already. There is a section explaining how to use trees to reduce the number of construct operations.