Create Gemstone for rendering



Is there a easy way to create the facets needed on a model of a gem for rendering. Tried converting to mesh but could not come up with the right settings.

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Hello Et_Rec,

Below i is a link to a tutorial on how to build a diamond:


Thank you. Very useful. I usually measure a stone for the job, and make a quick loft to help visualize the job. I wish there was a passable way to convert to mesh just for rendering.

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Hello Et_Rec,

Can you please explain why you need to convert your model to a mesh before you render it.

Thank you, Andy


The gem models I make have no facets. That’s what make a Rendered gem look real


Don’t know it this will help or not here is a .zip file that has at least fifty gemstone drawings for (232.0 KB)
All my best Danny


Thank you so much