Create free-hand lines from poly lines


I mostly use prewritten GH scripts for very simple tasks, but thought Id take topic title, creating a free-hand looking lines, as a learning assignment. Though quickly realized even this, seemingly super-simple script got me frustratingly searching for hours. So to the point - Id like to create a script that could turn the clean polylines, in any shape, into something more similar to a hand drawn pencil line.

In theory I would like to go about it by dividing the curve into a set number of segments with random lengths, then offset these points perpendicular to the curve with a random distance before interpolating the new points and drawing up a more jagged, unclean curve.

To give it context Id like to have a script like this in handy for drawing landscape and foliage in situational plans.

Hope this description is clear

Open to other suggestions of course


Hi Knut,

Search the forum for Fancy Curves. And maybe 3D Sketching. Stuff coming in R8 may interest you.


just for the fun of it, and very poorly implemented (185.4 KB)


Will do and looking forward to that, the main reason I use Rhino as my main tool for architectural work and continue to do so in spite of mediocre visualizing capabilities and smart functions, is, besides its intuitive and fun interface, its graphic capacities through the workflow. The ease of creating great drawings that communicate

This hits very close to home. Ill your script asap!

Works great, thanks! Had to lower the amount of samples to a 4 digit low, though I think I can work that out with the script now at hand. Thanks again! Should be more of these graphically line-tweaking scripts

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