Create diagonal grid extrusion inside brep through intersection

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to solve a problem when intersecting two solids, but I don’t know why is not working.

I want to get the intersection between a diagonal grid extrusion with a rectangle based brep, however the result is a weird selection of some lines from the grid and a warning in the message balloons saying the intersection failed.

I guess I’m forgeting to consider some informationto have this unexpected result.

Could anyone help me to understande why this is happening?
I want to have the diagonal grid only inside the brep.


I just moved to the side for visualization.

Left: Weird result
Middle: Rectangle base brep
Right: Diagonal Grid

Intersection Diagonal (102.1 KB)

Well …

  1. Fisrt things first: your ortho solids are not good: You have this (surfaces “mixed” with solids):

instead of that:

  1. Other than that what are you trying to do? Perforate a thing like the above with some shapes (offset inwards polylines) yielding a single solid … or create a collection of solids the sum of whom makes a perforated assembly?

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the late answer.

  1. So to make a good solid, I just have to copy what you did in the picture, is that right?

  2. I was trying to create a collection of solids which the sum makes a perforated assembly, so I could control the density of the grid using the width of the solids. The problem is that when I tried to use Solid Intersection, it didn’t create a clean grid only inside the 3 beginning objects.