Create custom schedule for opening

Hello dear @Mostapha/@chris12

Hope you pass these quarantine days well near your family.
In fact, I would like to apply a schedule to control the opening as natural ventilation in honeybee to withdraw the thermal loads, temperatures and … . But I need to program the opening 10 min for each hour. Imagine a simple classroom with windows, and I plan to open it from 9:00 to 9:10, 10:00 to 10:10 and … but the “CSV creator” module does not accept any other format but hourly.Could you please help me in this case?
Thanks in advance for your response

@darvishi.pourya ,

I just happened to stumble upon this here but I would really recommend asking this question on the Ladybug Tools Discourse instead of the Rhino Discourse here. There are a lot more people over there who would be able to help.

For your specific question I have to say that this is a limitation of the Honeybee Legacy plugin and the only way around it is to manually write out your CSV, manually edit the Schedule:File object in the IDF that Honeybee writes to point it to your CSV, and save the IDF. Then you can use the Re-Run IDF component to run the IDF through EnergyPlus and bring the results back into Grasshopper.

The new Honeybee[+] plugin that we are close to having an official release of will have full support for CSV schedules at fine timesteps so you won’t have to go this hacky route.

@chris12 Thank you so much.