Create custom object with breps and meshes

I used BrepCustomObject and MeshCustomObject to create my custom objects. But now I would like to create a custom object with 2 breps and 1 mesh. Is there a way to do it in RhinoCommon?

That’s done with a basic class or struct in whatever language you use. RhinoCommon only presents what exists inside Rhino.

// Rolf

Hi Ril,
Thanks for the answer. I’m not sure to understand it. My concern is create a Rhino object with multiple subobject, in order to use the selection like an object. Does it make sense?

I’ve never subclassed a RhinoObject so I really don’t know what it takes to support all functionality., nor if all members are exposed which needs to be overridden to handle all behavior.

Wouldn’t a Block handle the combination you want?

// Rolf

Yes! Maybe is a good option! Thanks!

RhinoCommon currently does not support custom objects based on blocks yet. This is on our list for additions at