Create Curve Tangent From another Curve


I’m trying to create a curve (in red); tangent from the other curve (in cyan); to a point (in yellow). I created this before, using the onsap tangent command. I just clicked a point on the curve (Cyan) and it gave me the tangent option. But now its not letting me! Help would be greatly appreciated!

(Mikolaj Jarski) #2

There are number of ways. To use the tangent osnap, just start from the point above and you will be able to snap tangent to the cyan curve.

(Mikolaj Jarski) #3

You could also use BlendCrv between the curve and a point (or another curve) and move handle end point to a specific location.

(Kyle Houchens) #4

I use blend crv for this type of stuff,


Thanks a lot!

(Pascal Golay) #6

@PaulD , if the new curve is an arc, try:

Arc Tangent (click on the curve at the desired start point), then FromFirstPoint to stop the end wandering along the curve, then Point option- end the arc at the desired end point, then click to pick one of the two possible arcs.



Thank you Pascal, good to know


I have just tried this using InterpCrv working my way along the dimension arrow tips and when I get to a circle, with Osnap tan I pick the circle. Cut the circle and join to my curve and its not a tangent junction. I could see that before even using curvature graph on it.

How is Osnap tan supposed to work as clearly here it doesnt snap to tangent.

Starting a curve tangent from a curve or circle is also another need that I struggle with.

see attached 3dm file.
Osnap tan is not tan.3dm (32.3 KB)

(Mikolaj Jarski) #9

The way I described works only for control point Curve. For InterpCrv tangent osnap works apparently just for a line formed by two last picked point, not for curve itself.

I would just use SmartTrack (in status bar). It will show you tangent direction from an end of a curve (so you would need to trim a circle before).