Create Brep from Curves

hi guys

Is it possible in C#?
Curve → singlesurface or polysurface

Hi Jack,

If you were just using Rhino commands, what commands would you use to create the Brep?

– Dale

Hi Dale

I don’t know how much I should interfere

Please let me know if that is possible to this Curve to this Brep

Can you post your geometry or 3dm file?

It’s samplefile

dev_sample.3dm (339.9 KB)

Hi Jack - I do not see a way to get there easily. ‘By hand’ you’d need curves from the Front view, arcs apparently, and surfaces from these - then a loft between the curves and some trimming and some filleting as well - a bit tedious but do-aple. You might also make the object flat and Bend but that does not address the question of how to get from these specific curves to the brep.

BTW, the curves have segments that are not tangent where it looks like they probably ought to be, so that makes it harder as well.


Hi pascal

i’m easily By hand.
i wish 1Click Curve to Brep

on that create C# plugin

It’s a bit ugly but you can try Loft, Straight Sections, with four half-curves.


please you 3dm sample

you create sample at the sight of examination

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m Rhino used 7years ago