Create beam parts with curves

TEST.3dm (468.4 KB)

1.all crosssection have the same point(origin),so that i can create many parts with the same radius.
2.but as the pic show ,some is (curves)ok;some comes out straight line. the tekla i cannot see the radius(to change it from +6000 to -6000).

seems like below:

if the point on the crosssection, it will comes out the curves parts;

if the point out of the crosssection, it will comes out the straight line.

any way to realize it?

i had try another way:dx dy dz
when the input of beam(curve)is a curve,cannot use dxdydz.

but when the input of beam(curve)is a straight, i can use dxdydz.

HERE ARE THREE BEAM WHICH WARE CREATED BY GH+curve(line),hand draw,GH+curve(curve)

may be there is someting wrong when the curve==a real curve,when created the curve_beams

1.used straight line create beams,LET ALL CONTEOL POINTS IN 1 POINT,DON’T USE DXDYDZ;
2.DO IT BY YOURSELF,set radius change line to curves;

but something still happend.

create a line beam , is ok(which have several parts)

if i want to create a polyline beam (which have several parts) ,it will create wrong part,sometimes one part is right.

so may be it’s some thing wrong about to create polyline beam(which have several parts,all parts have the same control point)

summary issue:

Origin point out of the cross section,when create beam with a polyline - Grasshopper / Tekla - McNeel Forum