Create bayonet joint on round tube

Hello Everyone!
Does anyone know how to create bayonet joint on a round profile with flat part on grasshopper?

Bayonet joint round.stp (77.8 KB)

Hello Quan!
May I have grasshopper file? Thanks.



Ok Quan. But I don’t have this component in my grasshopper. Must I download some plugins or buy?

It’s from the plug-in Flexibility.

Can be installed from _PackageManager.


Thank you for your help Kevin.

another approach would be to

  • calculate 4 Points
  • create 3 rectangles in the xz-Plane
  • revolve them with according angles (in radians)
  • Boolean/Solid Union
  • arrayPolar
  • optional - mergecoplanarfaces with c# script - recommended if you need fillets (do you ?)
  • Boolean/Solid Difference (19.1 KB)

hope this helps / kind regards -tom

Wow. Thank you so much Tom.
This is exactly what I have been waiting for :slight_smile:
But when I change “Polar Array” from 3 to 4 is not correct.

this would be an additional parameter “number of connectors”
you have to recalculate the angles / domains (in radians) for the upper, revolved parts in relation to the “number of connectors”.

Ok. Thanks. Tom_P .Do you have any ideas how to create automactic slot(holes) for the flat sheet who connect with this tube? Like this.

This looks like a simple pair of revolves of an rectangle, that are cut out (boolean difference / solid difference).
quite similar to the “heads” of the bayonette.
I would recommend to update the initial definition to work with a construction plane, not only at WorldXY-Plane.

Please also notice that it s great to see some starting effort from your side.
My guess - this is why Quan Li did not post his definition.

See this older topic - which explains quite well the spirit of this forum:

Help Us Help You:

Ok I’m sorry about this Tom_P. I’m new here.
I have another software to do this jobb. But now I want to learn how to do this in grasshopper. I buy Rhino licens for my hobby not for working. Your grasshopper file is very useful for somebody to do the same jobb in grasshopper if they don’t have another software like me. I hoppe you understand what i means.