Create array of spheres with different radius for every sphere


I am new to GH, so sorry for the novicee question.

I’ve created a custom sphere, and i’d like to create and array of this type of sphere scattered randomly around some point. and i wish that every point created will have a different radius depending on its distance from that point.

How can i do that? (19.0 KB)

Too many plugins! And using Python for this? WAY TOO COMPLICATED!!!

Keep it simple: (9.3 KB)


Plugins are not bad and are often very useful. On that note, when you are posting a definition, you will want to include a note that states which plug-ins you have used.

If you are interested in learning python, there are lots of good resources. I might suggest taking some time with the native components to gain a good understanding of how things work, (or sometimes don’t work).

One concept that native GH components do not currently perform is recursion, or loops. It looks like you might have been trying to use some type of counter/timer that runs up to a certain number? If that is true, the two best plugins for that are anemone and Hoopsnake. I use anemone…probably just because it’s the first one I used, not sure one is much better than the other.

Also in your definition are firefly components. Those are great and very useful. In your uploaded definition, they don’t seem to be playing a key roll, so maybe just remove them next time.

While I may be misunderstanding your intention, were you trying to “animate” some perlin/simplex noise?
If so, you could try something like this, using anemone as the counter.


Hi, it was my first post, hence the messy upload. Thank you very much!
Could you please post the values for the last example? It’s really “lagy” for the values i chose

Here you go.
Plugins Used/Required:
Weaver Bird :
Anemone :
4D Noise : (14.6 KB)
(uploaded edited version, you don’t need the redundant deconstruct mesh and construct mesh before the WB component, they were left from some coloring experiments.)

Note: This is using GH 1 and Rhino BETA
(6.0.18012.13241, 01/12/2018)
Light reflections are dependent on Viewport display options in rhino. Screen shot above used native wireframe display.

The definition is a very MILD variation of the original from @piac
He is the author of the 4D Noise component.


Hi, @chanley,

the List used components component, from which plug in is it?


It’s something I wrote for our internal use. I posted some earlier/non-compiled versions on the old GH site. Feel free to use those versions. Please note that, at the time, they were learning exercises.